Farm Enterprises

Farmers are in the business of growing.

The Community Farms Program offers a model for the future of farming in BC, and creates an innovative way to use farmland and help farmers succeed.

On community farms, agricultural uses of the land are shared by a community of farmers. Two or more farmers work together in a cooperative or partnership enterprise, or operate their own businesses. Every community farm is different, but however the farm businesses are set up, farmers collaborate with each other and the governing community group through the farm's Whole Farm Plan.

We know that farmers face many challenges – including access to land, farm incomes, and return on investments – in their efforts to run profitable businesses and make a living from farming. Many farmers struggle to break even, and often turn to off-farm employment to keep afloat.

The Community Farms Program offers information, resources, and assistance to community farmers who want to start and operate farm enterprises.

We encourage farmers to carefully plan their farm enterprises to return enough farm income over time to make a living. We provide:

created by: Barbara Joughin

Last Modified: October 10, 2014