Business Planning

People usually complete a business plan to secure funding from either banks or family. But it's also a way to harness and focus your creative energy while planning your farm.

A business plan can help you share your ideas with others, and gives supporters the information they need to help you.

Business Planning for Small-Scale Community Farming Enterprises (228 kb)

This business planning template has been assembled by a farmer with the small farmer in mind. It is a simple and personal exercise that helps lead a new or experienced farmer into a farming venture.

All aspects of local marketing, farm operations and financial documentation are covered. Separate sections address values, goals and interpersonal issues - all important factors in a small enterprise. By completing this business planning template, you will have assembled a powerful planning and communication tool.

We would like to acknowledge and thank the Minnesota Institute for Sustainable Agriculture for leading the way in this field.

created by: Barbara Joughin

Last Modified: October 10, 2014