The Community Farms Program

If you want to farm, are concerned about farmland disappearing, and want to help build healthy, local food systems, you know there are some real challenges facing farmers and communities.

Community farms are part of the solution. They can help address some of these challenges.

A community farm is a multi-functional farm where the land is held "in trust" for community rather than owned privately. A community group or co-operative governs the land use agreements, and agricultural uses of the land are shared by a community of farmers. The primary focus of a community farm is local food production using sustainable agricultural practices.

People who want to farm sustainably on a small scale are investing in community farming. There are currently more than 20 farms in BC that have experience and knowledge in sustainable organic farming practices and cooperative living.

The Community Farms Program (CFP) brings landowners, farmers, and local communities together to form community farms. We provide information and resources for community farm stakeholders through a web page, a network, roundtable and other meetings, and personal contact, and help farmers access affordable farmland.

With the Community Farms Program, we're helping create more farms like this in BC.

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Last Modified: March 18, 2016